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Our Team

We’re a company of scientists and innovators who share a passion for improving human lifespan and healthspan. From experts in the field of longevity to creative business builders, the JUVICELL team is changing the way people age.


Advancing human longevity

JUVICELL was born from the idea that the aging process can be improved. Over the past decade, advances in scientific research have revealed a lot about longevity and the lifestyle and dietary factors that support it. Our team has applied that research to the development of our product – the first of its kind in the market.

Currently, we are conducting a preclinical study with The National Institute on Health and Science on Ageing (INRCA) in Italy to confirm the safety profile and effects of JUVICELL on various physiological markers of aging. We look forward to sharing the results of the study as they emerge.

Change the way you age.