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JUVICELL contains 10 high-quality ingredients which – based on various scientific studies – support healthier ageing and increasing life span.

10 longevity ingredients. Your all-in-one longevity supplement.

Developed by world-renowned scientists. 100% Based on real scientific studies.

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10 longevity ingredients.
Your all-in-one longevity supplement.

Developed by world-renowned scientists.
100% Based on real scientific studies

Regular, worry-free delivery.
Cancel anytime.


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incorporates the latest scientific discoveries to make ageing healthier and increase life span.

Developed and regularly updated by top anti-ageing & longevity scientists, our unique product formula contains the following ingredients with daily dose:

  • 1000mg Glucosamine
  • 800mg Curcumin
  • 582mg Quercetin
  • 300mg Coenzyme Q10
  • 300mg Broccoli Extract
    • Of which: 30mg Sulforaphane
  • 250mg Fisetin
  • 143mg Resveratrol
  • 122mg Green-Tea-Extract
  • 6mg Piperine
  • 2.5mg Pterostilbene
  • Other ingredients: Hypromellose (HPMC capsule, vegan), Magnesium Stearate, Rice Hulls

High-quality in terms of ingredients, manufacturing and packaging is key for us, which is why you receive the following benefits with JUVICELL:

  • Our product formula is 100% based on scientific studies.
  • All ingredients are sourced from reliable and hand-picked suppliers.
  • JUVICELL is Made in the USA, without any fillers, binders or anti-caking agents.
  • Post-Consumer-Recycled (PCR) amber bottles.

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180 capsules, 90 capsules

25 reviews for JUVICELL

  1. Rob

    I have been taking JUVICELL regularly over the last 3 months and I feel great (more energized, better sleep, etc.). Unfortunately they are out of stock at the moment, but hoping that they will re-stock for US distribution soon!

  2. David Ben E.

    Absolutely love this product. The science behind it is promising and it seems to be one of the few products to combine many of the cutting edge longevity compounds that people talk about. The noticeable effects are strong for the first couple of weeks.

  3. Lisa M.

    What an awesome suplement, it’s the only one I take for a few weeks now and I feel great.

  4. Joseph A.

    It’s still hard to say whether or not juvicell has influenced my health- I mainly take it because it has more data behind it than anything else I have seen. The studies they base the ingredients on are impressive.

  5. Edgar M.

    Great selection of longevity agents in only one pill. Other friends of mine take several different pills a day to get th same mix of ingredients. I am convincing them to switch to juvicell one by one 😀

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Top Customer Questions

Who can take JUVICELL?

JUVICELL is intended for healthy adults (18+). While the focus is often on early prevention in younger years, it’s never too late to turn back the biological clock! Ageism is real, but it doesn’t have any basis in science. In fact, did you know that many of the studies on anti-aging ingredients show significant efficacy in middle age? In this sense, age really is just a number.

Whether you’re 28 years old or 68 years old, JUVICELL works to support your healthy lifestyle choices.

We do not recommend taking JUVICELL during pregnancy or while nursing. Also, please consult with your physician if you are undergoing treatment for a medical condition, or have any preexisting conditions, before getting started with JUVICELL.


JUVICELL addresses the aging process at its root and works from the ground up. It was designed to give our cells the nutritional support they need to work better for a longer period of time. When our cells work better, we look, feel, and perform better – but this can take time.

The surface-level benefits of JUVICELL can vary from person to person. While most people in our community noticed first effects after one to three months of use, individual experiences differed. Functional improvements noted include Higher energy and motivation levels, Better able to handle stress, Improved sleep, Benefits in productivity (especially noticeable late in the day or in the evening hours), Positive effect on workouts.

Is JUVICELL vegan?

Yes, JUVICELL is designed using only natural and organic ingredients. It is vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, and contains no artificial colors or flavors.

Where is JUVICELL manufactured?

JUVICELL is manufactured in FDA-compliant and registered facilities in the United States.

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